Research List #29

Things I’ve been looking into (with new expanded explanations!)

  • Omnifocus for taks management
  • “The Manual” a design magazine
  • Makeshift magazine – Intended to foster creativity
  • French Cleat systems – for better flexible organizational systems of storage
  • GoRuck DIY Moral Patch Kit – for easier labeling of gear bags
  • Baron Fig “Confidant” – high quality journal (maybe for replacement Bullet Journal?)
  • Leuchtturm1917 – high end journal (sz medium dots) (maybe a replacement Bullet Journal?)
  • Kiridashi – seems to be a type of Japanese knife, but very little documentation
  • Gravity Pockets – gravity actuated pockets in jacket sleeves
  • TAD Denim – performance designed raw denim

Research List #28

Things I’ve been looking into:

  • William E. Fairbairn
  • Alternatives to Moleskine Extra Large Soft Cover notebooks (ideally, dot-grid)
  • Motion-picture film stock re-cut to 35mm still film
  • Usenet Killfiles
  • Konica AR lenses (wide angle & fast)
  • A better digital photo workflow
  • Sourcing HDPE (ideally in 1” thick slabs)
  • Bullet Journalling
  • Welding Classes (ideally, for TIG)
  • Alternative Replacements for CountyComm EOD bag (seems to be out of production)
  • Better automation of my primary Tumblr
  • Hosting for future (currently redirects here)

Research List #27

Things I’ve been looking into:

  • Sensor-only HDMI video cameras
  • IRC Education channels (there seem to be… none?)
  • Hobonichi Techno cover (Nock Co, maybe?)
  • Better sourcing of Plastic Storage containers (straight sided only)
  • LED driving lights
  • NOS Mil-Spec brass zippers
  • Better sourcing of zipper pull ends
  • Installing Chromium OS on older PC’s
  • Finding a reprint of “The Long Tomorrow”
  • Better automation/curation of my primary tumblr
  • 1/2 Gallon wide mouth Ball jars
  • Sourcing Kydex
  • DSLR car mounts (interior)

Research List #26

Things I’ve been looking into

  • Stanley Kubrick research techniques
  • Nike SFB Boots
  • Outlier Clothing
  • Alternate hand-darning techniques
  • Fiberglass Eames shell chair repairs/refurb
  • Better bandana sourcing
  • Better Merchandise sourcing (and new products)
  • HDMI -> wifi based streaming systems (Teradek et al)
  • Open-cell foam sourcing
  • 16mm fast Nikon glass
  • Better plastic storage box sourcing

Research List #25

Things I’ve been researching:

  • Hand-darning denim
  • Hobonichi Techno 2015 (and sourcing a leather case for it)
  • Local Motors 3D printed car
  • LED Edison-style light bulbs
  • Low-Volume Full color vinyl stickers (ideally die cut)
  • Designing a Quilted selvedge denim/chambray chore coat (NF-J-3050 spec)
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Better straight sided storage boxes
  • French Cleat systems for wall hangings

New Beginnings.

After 8 years of exciting and challenging work with Burlington Public Schools, I have moved on. Starting in early August, I’ll begin working for the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. My new position title is “Educational Technology Specialist,” and I’ll be helping the excellent team there towards improving their online and blended course offerings. I’m very excited to begin a new challenge in a new environment. I’m a little sad to leave Burlington- they’ve treated me well there, and I can’t think of a better place to have grown and learned as an educator. It’s a great team, and if you’re a k-12 teacher looking for a job in Massachusetts, you’d be wise to look there. That said, it was time for me to step out into the unknown.  


It’s been a while.

Here’s what’s captured my interest recently:

  • Shooting lots of Time Lapse video
  • Researching Sketchnoting (lots more to come here)
  • Automatic watches
  • Small EVF & Mounting ideas
  • ENG lenses mounted to modern DSLR bodies
  • Sourcing Dot-Grid paper (limited options here- maybe print my own?)
  • Data Mining Social Media using statistical analysis
  • More automation via IFTTT
  • Styluses for iPads
  • Activity tracker research (again and some more)


Some new test footage.

Since my previous camera went belly-up, I’ve picked up a Nikon D5300 (which I like in every way thus far). This is some of the first test footage that’s come off that camera, with just a quick edit. I used a 30+ year old Vivitar 28mm f2.5 Konica AR lens with a ND8+4 rig for light control (and so I could shoot wide open…).


What we know vs What we do

This has been brewing for a while. Ask anyone who works with me (as I’ve likely ranted at them recently), and I’m not the first person to have the thought. Still.

The difference between what we know and what we do troubles me. Examples?

1. We know that the formalized teaching of grammar doesn’t actually lead to better writing from students. We’ve known this (using science!) since the 60’s. We still teach formalized grammar to “improve writing.”

2. We know sitting is bad for us. We continue to fill classrooms with chairs (and demand students stay in them).

3. We know physically assaulting a child is not an effective method of discipline. We pass bills (in 20 states!) that allow it anyway.

And sadly, there are many more. So many more, I’m afraid, that I can’t even begin to enumerate them here. And for me, it was the realization of how different our schools would look if we took into account the things we know.